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Question: Re: wireless diagnostic quit unexpectedly on high Sierra

Many big thanks to Apple Community specialist to help my on my earlier thread but I got new clue for my issues..

Since high Sierra upgrade wifi connection on my MacBook Pro is lost suddenly after first startup and need manually reconnect again but when I reconnect them again my wifi only detect 20 MHz width and can't detect 40 or higher MHz channel widths after that I try to scan wifi connections via Wireless Diagnostic but suddenly when I click "scan" the wireless diagnostic quit unexpectedly...and the big clue is when I quit the "airportd" process in activity monitor my wifi going flawless again and can detect 40 or higher channels again... But going lost connection again after few minutes try that step over and over again to gain faster connection

Note : my SSID name is Same but different band and channels

My SSID name is I only got 100 mbps max speed on 20 MHz width and 1300 max speed on 80 MHz

Is great to hear open opinion again :D

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Question: Re: wireless diagnostic quit unexpectedly on high Sierra