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Question: iOS 11.1.1will not let me us "/" or ":" in a file name.

I applied iOS 11.1.1 on my iPhone 7. After I installed it, it says that I must rename any file with a "/" or ":" when I access it from my iPhone iCloud. The file name with a "/" works on OS 10.12.6, (":" does not) and on previous releases of iOS and iCloud accessed from Safari.

I put the files

2017-11-07 - Sample with dash.numbers

2017/11/07 - Sample with slash.numbers

onto my desktop, hence it is on iCloud.

From the macOS 10.12.6 desktop and via Safari iCloud - Sign in, both let me access the "/" file, but not the ":".

Neither is accepted in IOS 11.1.1, but it was on previous releases of iOS.

Since I use "/" in dates for hundreds of files I cannot going to use iCloud if I can't get the files on iPhone, I guess I'll have to move these files to my Mac, then keep selected files on iCloud so that I can access them iPhone. I am not about the rename all my files with a "/" in them to something else.

Since I have been using macOS since Puma (OS X 10.1), I do not appreciate this change.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.1, latest release of iOS

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Question: iOS 11.1.1will not let me us "/" or ":" in a file name.