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Question: Is the HDMI port on my late 2013 mac pro ARC capable?

I use a Mac Pro in my home recording studio. My monitor is a 50" Samsung 1080p TV. All audio in my system passes via TB through an Apogee Symphony Mkii interface. In addition to my recordings (ProTools, etc), all audio from web browsing (youtube, etc) is played back through my interface and studio monitors. My Samsung TV is connected to my system via the stock HDMI that came on the Mac Pro. The TV is also connected via Cat 6 to my home network system where it receives signals from Directv, Apple TV, and security cameras via an HDMI matrix switch. While I can listen to web-based programming (Amazon video, e.g.) through my system (studio monitors) I cannot do the same for programming originating from the other sources (Directv, etc). In order to hear these I have to use the crappy TV speakers. The TV has multiple HDMI ports and one of these is ARC capable. It seems this technology would solve my problem but only if the MacPro HDMI port is also ARC capable. My question - 1) Is it? and 2) if not, can it be upgraded to an ARC capable HDMI port?

thanks in advance for your reply

Mac Pro, macOS Sierra (10.12.2), Samsung Plasma HDTV monitor

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Question: Is the HDMI port on my late 2013 mac pro ARC capable?