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Question: Losing photo metadata through browser

Hi all,

I have all my location settings set to allow for camera and safari to capture location. When I take a photo through camera, I capture the metadata I need (time and location). When I take a photo through the browser though, there is no metadata. At work, we have a website that allows you to capture and upload a photo directly through the webpage. We USED to get metadata on these camera captures through the website. Now we're not. Our IT developers say it is something on the browser settings within the iPhone. Anyone have any idea what I can do to adjust these settings and capture the metadata?

I have tried an iPhone5, 5s, and 6.

Ironically, it works perfectly with an Android phone.

Please help me capture this metadata through the browser application! We have tried Safari and Chrome.


iPhone 5, iOS 11.0.2

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Question: Losing photo metadata through browser