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Question: Magic Time Machine backup increment

There is one Time Machine backup in sparse bundle on some SMB network. Backup's history is quite flat - it was started first decade of October this year. Backup increments are generated only manually. So far up to 8 were made.

Time Machine GUI (previously Star Wars screen) claims one one of those increments was made on Nov. the 5th, its ascender was dated to Nov. the 1st, and its descender was dated to Nov. the 13th. (the last one in chain as of today). There are also 3 increments made in October.

Magic one is that from 5th Nov. because existing according to T.M. recovery GUI as described above, but if to explore inside sparse bundle there was no such sub-directory in sparebundle > Backups.backupdb > machine-name.

Sub-directories corresponding to other increments identified from T.M. recovery gui are visible within sparsebundle using Finder.

Where is the possible root cause?

Everything else regarding T.M. backups is rather fine.

macOS 10.12.6

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Question: Magic Time Machine backup increment