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Question: Reminders & Calendars

In the case of Notes, they can be stored in just the device, i.e., on my ipad, on my iphone, without associating them with any web-based email. What about reminders & calendars? If you know how, please provide detailed instructions. I cannot seem to be able to do that. The reminders I have are tasks in the computer based outlook. I do not want to use icloud either. I just want my reminders to be on my device (just like how my notes are).

The rational for my question is so that if I decide to totally be done (as in collapse, delete) with my email, e.g., outlook or hotmail, then I still get to keep my reminders and calendar.

Thank you so much in advance.

iPad Pro, iOS 10.2, TV apps

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Question: Reminders & Calendars