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Question: how do i erase 3600 emails not 1 at a time

i need to erase a lot of emails and i cant seem to do it on my Dell Desk Top computer using either Internet explore or Google Chrome, whatever internet icon I click on for the session.But non except if I do it one at a time and its taking me forever had over 5600 of them and I cant do it anymore I sat at the computer for 3 hours tapping the delete button and my computer froze or crashed 3 times from being told to delete over and over that way I guess I don't know but I cant sit here and do it anymore. My mom is not computer literate and I have no idea how to get the emails off any other way and my email box wont accept any more unless I erase them down or upgrade my mail box. if anyone know of any trick besides ask support because I have and they have no answers they seem to not help anyone but mac users anymore. Thank you..... Mass mail inbox demons

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Question: how do i erase 3600 emails not 1 at a time