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Question: iPhone 8 UI Stalls


I've noticed that occasionally my iPhone 8 will take several seconds (as much as 5-10 seconds) to recognize any type of input, whether it be a screen touch input, home button, or side button press. I'll literally need to tap the screen, wait several seconds for the tap to "fire" in the UI, then tap the next target. While I haven't confirmed a 1:1 correlation, I've noticed that this seems to happen at times where there is a weak Wifi signal that the phone is losing and re-acquiring (possibly switching traffic to LTE as a result)? This phone is running iOS 11.1.1, and I've been noticing the issue since I first got the phone several weeks ago (IIRC it shipped with 11.0.3 installed).

I also have an iPhone 6s running the same code revision, and not seeing the same issue; this appears isolated to the iPhone 8. My wife, who bought an 8+ at the same time, is not experiencing this either.

Has anyone else noticed this? Could this be indicative of a hardware problem?

iPhone 8, iOS 11.1

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Question: iPhone 8 UI Stalls