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Question: Itunes/Apple Music deleted my actual files????

Sooooo Im pretty sure apple somehow deleted my actual files. I had an album download on my hard drive from a long time ago that's been in my itunes library for 2 years and I just decided to use icloud music in itunes (i had been only been using apple music and icloud on my phone before). It was cool having apple music on my laptop not just my phone but.... I ended up hitting remove download for a certain song from this artist and now this album is completely gone. Its not in my itunes and its not in my hard drive. It still shows in my itunes but only as a greyed/whited out album with removed artwork, pretty much just not there.

So i go to my hard drive to re drag and drop, and all of my old music files from over the years are there EXCEPT for this album that was removed by itunes. How did this end up happening? I know i had the files last week because i was playing it in itunes and they dont allow that unless the orginal file can be found on youre computer. Ive searched everywhere and its just gone lol

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Question: Itunes/Apple Music deleted my actual files????