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Question: Duplicate Tones - iPhoneX; iOS 11.1.1; iTunes

I am struggling to find an answer to this problem. For some reason I am showing duplicates of the same tone in my Ringtones, some seem to be the same tone and just named different things others are straight duplicates. I do not believe I purchased them multiple times (though possibly, my wife and I share an iTunes account before there was family sharing), when .

I have tried the 'garage band' trick to try and delete custom tones - no luck. I have tried to 'manage music and videos manually' in itunes to try and delete the tones and three problems...

  1. not all of the tones show
  2. even for the ones with duplicates, only one record shows
  3. even when I delete one, it does not actually 'delete from library' and pops back up when I sync

So no go there as well

Any advice?

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iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Question: Duplicate Tones - iPhoneX; iOS 11.1.1; iTunes