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Question: Is interface on Apple TV 4k in 4k? And 24p


I used Nvidia shield before and even tried smart TV itself, but on both interface is 1080p max, shield Netflix is 720p even, that includes subtitles in 4k shows - subtitles often 0look like just pixelated mess.

Shield actually outputs 4k, but it is just upscaled 1080p (for the interface and few lucky apps that are not in even lower resolutions)

Apple usually do things right. So is Apple TV 4k finally the first real 4k box?

Also does 24p work correctly or is it all based? On shield it is all based and weird.

I read somewhere that Apple TV does not switch refresh rate from 60. I guess it is to work around soap opera effect of the TV's, most people probably leave on, which I understand, but how does it cope with 24p content in, for instance, Plex?

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Question: Is interface on Apple TV 4k in 4k? And 24p