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Question: Possible Cause to 7plus Mic Issues

This is an informative post not a question. This may be a problem on the regular IPhone 7 as well as my 7plus.

I recently have been battling a muffled mic during phone calls. Speaker phone worked just fine, as well did “Hey Siri”. Did not have issue with audio during videos on camera either. Tried updating, clearing, restoring. Cleaned out the ports on my phone from lint etc...... Needless to say it boiled down to the waterproofing around my mic/speaker failing. The tar -like sealant shift or possibly broke down and was covering up my Mic and both speakers slightly. Yes I did fix this myself unfortunately the bottom end of my phone or possibly the whole is no longer waterproof having tore it apart. The speakers sounds clearer and louder. MOST IMPORTANTLY MY D&#^ Mic works now. Just thought i would inform people of another possible cause/issue!

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Question: Possible Cause to 7plus Mic Issues