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Question: Apostrophe crashes text messages

I cannot find the correct support option to answer a question regarding text messages that originate in an Apple product but are sent to/received by a non-Apple (non-smart technology) product.

The scene:

I have a non-smart phone. It does calls and simple text only. No stickers. No cute emojis. Plain, simple text, please and thank you. That is how I like it. I do not want to “upgrade.” That is NOT the solution to my problem.

The problem:

Recently, text messages containing apostrophes and/or quotation marks sent by iPhones make my simple dumb-phone crash. Literally. It actually shuts off and restarts. It will continue to try to retrieve this broken message until I go in and delete them all... Even if the sender only actually sent the message one time.

I talked to my service provider, and they were stumped. Never heard of anything like that ever happening. Their solution? To do a hard reset of my device back to factory issue settings, which did not solve the problem. I switched devices (brand and model) to another simple dumb-phone. Also, did not solve the problem.

My hypothesis at that point was... the problem is not with *my* service or devices.

To further test the extent of the problem, I had an iPhone user text me with a combination of a few punctuation symbols at a time. Only the apostrophe and quotation marks crash the text messages. Then I had an Android user text me with contractions... Perfectly received message.

In my opinion, hypothesis confirmed.

While I am relieved I know the issue is not my device or service provider, I am extremely troubled and annoyed that there is nothing I can do to fix the problem other than beg people who text me to eliminate punctuation from their messages. And Apple only gives support options for questions regarding ownership of their products - not problems with non-Apple devices caused by Apple products and/or software.

There is a patch to repair the “I” issue (which does not bother my phone)... So Apple knows there are bugs in this update. But how do I ask them about THIS problem?

I am frustrated and more than slightly annoyed.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Dare I ask... Solutions?

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Question: Apostrophe crashes text messages