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Question: iCloudDrive is not showing my files on OSX High Sierra

Hi there,

I had an iCloudDrive setup to automatically sync my Documents and Desktop. After reinstalling OSX I go though all the setup of iCloud and confirm that I still want to sync Documents and Desktop. But when I open them in Finder they are completely empty, like nothing exists there. Also iCloudDrive is missing all other files in root location. The only thing left there is just files for Pages, Numbers, etc. the thing gets weird when I open Files on my iOS 11 everything is there and accessible. It is also accessible via When I look at the storage bar of iCloudDrive it shows that Documents actually take decent amount of space. No progress wheel next to iCloud in Finder. First I though it’s just a sync glitch and tried to wait and give it some time (6h), then I tried to switch iCloudDrive off and then back on, then I tried to upload the file to icloud and it can’t do it either.

Am I missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. Apple products are having a trend to get worse year after year. It is really sad to see it go this way :(

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Question: iCloudDrive is not showing my files on OSX High Sierra