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Question: iPhone Upgrade Programme Question (UK)

Hello all,

I'm currently on an iPhone 7 (Started Programme on Day of iPhone 7 Release.) and on December 1st, i will be upgrading to the iPhone X.

However, a relative of mine would like to purchase my iPhone 7 from me once i have upgraded, however i am unsure of the programme as this is my first time upgrading.

My question is as follows, if i visit the Apple Store on the day of my upgrade, will i be able to pay of the remaining debt of my phone and keep my iPhone 7 as well as continuing with my iPhone X upgrade, if not, what steps do i need to do to ensure i can do this. I already have a reserved iPhone X, But the wording on the Apple website says i will need to pay off my debt by contacting Barclays, but i will no longer be eligible to upgrade, does this mean if i pay of my iPhone 7, my reservation for an iPhone X is void?

Any help is appreciated,

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Question: iPhone Upgrade Programme Question (UK)