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Question: Apple is taking too long to repair a faulty MBP late 2016

Hi !

First of all sorry for my English as I am French. I decided to post here since I can’t have any helpful answer in France.

In March 2017, I bought a late 2016 MBP 13’ without touchbar. When I started to use it, I immediatly had issues with the screen : it was flickering. Changing from black screen to normal screen very quickly when watching a YT video or playing the sims, I had to shut down my MBP to fix this. Since it wasn’t that annoying and I hadn’t any Apple Store near me, I didn’t do anything.

But in October, it got worse. I wanted to use it in class like everyday when the screen got pink, some artifact appeared changing the colors in some parts of the screen in pink/Green... I panicked and restarted the computer but the : the screen stayed black even though I could clearly see that the computer was on.

Then I brought it to the Apple Store when the screen got glitches again, and the guy at the Genius Bar did some unsuccessful tests, then kept my MBP.

I saw on the web that it was a well known issue on the new MBP late 2016 and my cousin got it replaced with a new one when she had the exact same issue. But now it’s been 2 weeks, no one at the Apple Store is able to tell me how long it is going to take and I am starting to think that I won’t have a new one, just a « fixed one ». Paying 1700€ a computer that doesn’t even work (I didn’t mention the keys that got stuck for like no reason since the beggining) correctly and not having a new one is a shame...

What should I do ? I am a student and this is really taking too long.. the guy from the Apple store took my number like three times and said « Oh someone is going to call you for your computer » but no one ever does...

Thank you so much for your help :)

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Question: Apple is taking too long to repair a faulty MBP late 2016