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Question: iOS11 - My Music

Since iOS11.xx - the my music app has been playing up and becoming a right pain in the rear.

The app no longer seems to recognise when something is downloaded, or removed off your phones library (i.e. left in the cloud only). Equally when you want to fully delete/hide a track/album it struggles to do just that.

I have close to 2000 songs, deleted them all of the handset, wanted to re-download from itunes to find I could only then do 250 of them of the most recent, then find I have to manually download the remaining. As you probably guess this is a huge process.

Once downloaded, some of the albums, song are still showing the download cloud symbol along with other which flicker then disappear leaving you unsure if the song in on the phones storage.

Lastly, if you do delete one, and disable streaming the music still plays?!

Apple – please can this be fixed asap.

Thank you

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Nov 14, 2017 11:28 AM in response to bip78 In response to bip78

Keen to see if anyone else is also getting this?

It seems the only way to get rid of a track/album is to delete from device and cloud which puts it into a hidden state.

I don’t wanna hide x tunes, but not have certain ones on my handset and leave them in the cloud.

Nov 14, 2017 11:28 AM

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Question: iOS11 - My Music