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Question: From sleep mode to color swirls

I've had this issue with my mac book pro Early 2015 retina recently after updating it to the new Sierra High. I am unsure if it is because my precious laptop dropped on a corner against the rug with little to no contact (I baby my computer and have it protected). Or if its a graphics card issue.

Basically, when my computer is turned on and I decide to put the lid down, goes into temp sleep mode, I wait about 15 seconds, when I flip it open I get a flash of swirls and colors but only for a mere second (sort of like a pool waves with rainbow colors).

I have done NVRAM and also reset of SMC but did not fix the issue.

At first I thought it was a youtube issue or adobe flash, but nope.

My warranty is up and cannot afford to get it fixed if it is an issue. Has anyone come across this issue?

MacBook Pro with Retina display

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Question: From sleep mode to color swirls