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Question: Mac can't connect to iCloud issue

OK, It has been almost 4 years now since this issue creeped up and started causing me grief. Every Mac user I know is having this issue. I doesn't seem to have a resolve as of yet and I have to seriously wonder why. I see plenty of people online having the issue and yet, 4 years later nothing from Apple regarding the issue. 4 years, that I am aware of. Thats 8 new iPhone models, 4 OS upgrades, 4 IOS upgrades and not a single step towards fixing an issue that is causing so many grief. I remember a day when Apple was looked at as the GOLD standard. They were without a doubt the best of the best, however, I am afraid they have succumbed to the pressure of retail and the "hurry up and make a new model" syndrome and forgot that there are actually people out here using their equipment who have issues that need to be resolved.

Is there anyone who has had this issue and been able to resolve it somehow? It is evidently crystal clear that after 4 years of asking and not receiving Apple has decided that pumping out new product is more important than user satisfaction. If anyone has a resolve for this issue, please share it as I know many who could use the help.

A loyal but frustrated Apple user since the beginning. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.


iMac, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: Mac can't connect to iCloud issue