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Question: Iphone 7

To start after long time of using Android phones I decided to try IPhone hearing all around about how great it works, how it's free of problems. I bought an IPhone 6 and in fact I really enjoyed it. As soon as IPhone 7 was released I decided to upgrade and get a new 128gb one. I was satisfied as well. All ended with software series 11.x.x.

As soon as i upgraded the software to 11 all my problems started, the battery life was significantly reduced (from charging at nigh ONLY to charging it twice a day), applications started to crash, sometimes I have to start the application several times in order to actually run it after it crashes time after time in a row. The phone also now likes to freeze during starting the app. Waiting for a minute helps or also good old reset.

Seeing new version of the software I am thinking "ok, i'm sure they got it, the fix is there" but no, it's not. I enter the discussion group and I see many people experiencing similar issues and it seems like we are all ignored and seems like Apple keeps pretending that the problem doesn't exist.

I was so waiting for the new X and was ready to spend again ridiculous amount of money for no reason but now ? I am not so sure anymore.

Dear Apple, I am not impressed at all anymore.

iPhone 7, iOS 11.0.3

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Question: Iphone 7