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Question: what is the headset solution

What should be my proper headset solution?

I have come to like the apple headsets, especially the upgraded ones that have the silicon inserts. The problem with those, I have the iPhone 7. Can't use them on that.

Ok, so there's a push to wireless. I'm on the phone a lot and enjoy a lot of audio options on the iphone. With the Apple airpods, I can use one ear piece at a time and have the other one charge and when one gets low, switch them out. Then if I want to listen to music or I'm having trouble hearing the call, I can't have both in because one is charging. Not the best solution for this. I've also had glitches at times where one headset doesn't seat correctly in the charging case and never ends up charging. Or connecting takes a while when I need to be on a call now.

Ok, lets say I switch to corded headsets provided by iPhone 7. I have no spot to plug in my headset on my apple air. So I need separate headsets for my laptop.

Ok, lets say the solution is the airpods. Once I use them on my laptop and I'm trying to call out, it auto connects to my computer. Now I have to wait for them to switch to my iphone.

I'm tired of keeping track of dongle or adapter. It's awkward and not something I would expect from Apple as a beautiful solution.

Has anyone else had any of these annoyances? is there any better solution than what I've tried aside trying 3rd party products? Maybe I'm missing something.

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Question: what is the headset solution