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Question: iOS 11 Updates !!!

is it ok for a company like apple to have such iOS updates? which only ruins your iPhone?

I have iPhone 7 Plus and when I updated it to iOS 11.0.2 after a while my iPhone stuck on the white Apple screen for 5 hours !!!!! I had to put it into recovery mode and reset it and I have lost all my data !!!!

so today I was checking if there any iOS update and here it's 11.1.1 woooooooow great I thought it might have some fixes for the issues all users are suffering from but guess what? my iPhone has stuck with the apple logo now again !!!!!!!!!!! and I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY DATA !!!!

I am posting here to ask APPLE if they know any other solutions.

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.0.2

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Question: iOS 11 Updates !!!