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Question: WD MyCloud, iTunes and iPhone

I bought a WD MyCloud Drive (3 TB) and, as I have so much music) decided to move all my music files over to the new drive to save space on my iMac.

Works great although I have to select the drive from the drop down each time, which is no great hardship.

Now, I have bought a new iPhone8 (which a lot more space than my old iPhone6) I can add some or all of my music files to my phone.

However, I can't seem to do this.

If I view my iPhone in iTunes, Select "Sync Music".... it just says 0 songs. For some reason it can't see my library which is on the WD Drive. It only seems to be able to see files that are on my iMac.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.5)

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Question: WD MyCloud, iTunes and iPhone