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Question: Iphone x

I am not happy at all from this experience and very
disappointed from apple support,

From the ADV - you display on all social media a delivering
message that you care about the customer but reality is no.

I can say that I have overestimated your customer service
and support and I was expecting professional treatment.

Contradiction of information received from Apple US vs Apple
UK which not good image for multinational company.

I was expecting you to come after me to solve the problem of
the phone not me the one who was chasing you.

I did not see the sense of owner ship from anyone to solve
my problem with satisfying way. [unique problem needs special solution]

I will not promote your company anymore because you do not
worth this.

I have bought your latest phone IPHONE X in the 1st
day 3 Nov to be one of the best customers to you and after 3 days I have
discovered that the phone is faulty.

I have visited Reading apple store at 6 Nov and they
discovered the problem and printed a report for me and told me the only
solutions is either to accept retail replacement [Not acceptable after 3 days
from me] [no stock message was mentioned in the conversation] or return to car
phone warehouse and return the phone.

In the same day I have contacted Apple through chat [Apple
US] after 45 min chats the senior advisor confirmed that I worth new package
phone and she send me return device request.

In the 8 Nov I realised that after giving you the phone I
have to return back to android phone so I called to ask for a loan phone and my
compensation from receiving faulty phone the answer was from Apple UK because
you did not do the return request from UK so I am not eligible for loan phone
and the agent opinion also no need for compensation.

I have received the box and I have returned the phone at 10
Nov and you have received it at the 13 NOV – I send the whole day calling you
on this case on the chat [Apple US] they have promised me to have 2 calls and
no one called and finally a senior advisor received my call and told me he will
check and come back to me. [Apple UK]

I have received a very disappointing call from the senior
agent telling me that he can provide only replacement phone not a new boxed one
and confirming that the other senior agent in Apple US does not confirming this
point [which was wrong] the direction of the call was forcing me to cancel this
request to break the promise I have received- so I have cancelled the request
and waiting to receive the faulty phone back.

One of my friend read the 45 min conversation with the agent
in Apple US and confirms that he understands the same meaning like me not like
the senior agent in UK force me to understand it

Finally, this is a formal complaint which need senior level
investigation my contact is below for the feedback and apologies is not
acceptable at all.

iPhone X, iOS 11.1

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Nov 14, 2017 9:07 AM in response to mohamed mohie In response to mohamed mohie

This is user to user support forum. Apple isn't here and Apple isn't going to reply to this thread. There's nothing any of us users can do to help you.

Use the Contact Support button at the top of this page and speak with Apple.

One point though. You should have accepted the Retail Replacement. Yes, it would have likely come in a plain white box, but it would have been a brand new phone. iPhone X has simply not been out long enough for them to replace any units with a refurbished device.

Nov 14, 2017 9:07 AM

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Question: Iphone x