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Question: What is APPLE SSD TS256C Media.dmg file?

I have a ~7.7GB file in my Documents folder named "APPLE SSD TS256C Media.dmg". It's creation and modified dates are in 2011 (when I bought my machine - a circa 2011 MacBook Air).

I'd like to delete this file, but only want to do so if that's "safe" and well-advised.

Currently running MacOS 10.13.1, so I suspect that this disk image (presuming it holds my original OS distribution) is way out of date anyway, and presumably it does not relate in any meaningful way to my recovery partition.

Thanks in advance for you helpful advice here!

MacBook Air, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: What is APPLE SSD TS256C Media.dmg file?