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Question: Knowing when Group SMS have been sent successfully?

At work I send out a Group SMS text to 60 customers on market updates. I do not want to send them out as a Group message, but as individual texts.

I have an iphone 7+ and before 11.0, I used GroupSMS to send them out to get by the 20 number limit and it worked great. All I did was go to settings/messages and toggle off Group Messaging and go in to app and pick my group and send.

Ever since the 11.0 update and following, I have to toggle off imessage, group messaging and MMS before I can use Group SMS. Then it got to where I would toggle imessages back on and group messaging and MMS and it would activate, but I couldn't send imessage texts or messages in groups.

I finally decided I need to just make three groups of 20 or less and send the updates to 3 groups instead of one when groupSMS was working. Problem is I have no idea when sending a group SMS when they are all sent so I can send the next one???? When I did it on android it would show sending and numbers would go up until all were sent.

Is there a way I can know for sure when my texts have sent so I don't start sending another one causing the prior message to stop sending?

Thank you in advance.

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1, null

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Question: Knowing when Group SMS have been sent successfully?