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Question: bind only to machine.local not to fqdn


For a long time I wrestle with the problem, that in our office the machines only see the network account server with server.local, ie the bonjour name.. not de domain.com.br fqdn.

I have checke DNS and all seems well.
When I lookup server.domain.com.br it shows the internal IP of my setup just fine.

any hints


Mac mini Server (Mid 2010), OS X Server

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Nov 15, 2017 7:23 AM in response to Pierre Froelicher1 In response to Pierre Froelicher1

This may sound weird but it could be the Server doesn't believe it has the authority to authenticate for server.domain.com.br.

What happens when you run:

changeip -checkhostname may need sudo changeip -checkhostname

Also I assume the lookup was a forward nslookup server.domain.com.br

Did you try a reverse nslookup xxx.xxx.xxx. of the internal IP.

is the server providing it's own DNS?

is the server's DNS setup to be

is the client using that internal IP for the DNS server?

Is the client on the same ip network as the server?

Those all seem like relevant questions to answer.

I think there are more questions after those have been considered.

Nov 15, 2017 7:23 AM

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Question: bind only to machine.local not to fqdn