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Question: Apple wireless keyboard lags when both Magic mouse 2 and trackpad are activated


i recently bought a Magic Mouse 2 to replace and old USB wire Microsoft mouse for my iMac 21.5 inch (Late 2013). I already own an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Trackpad, which both work just fine. I connected the new Magic Mouse 2 and it also worked alright in the beginning. But as soon as the Mac goes to sleep for a longer time (say 30 minutes to an hour) and I wake it up again, the Keyboard won't respond properly, so i even can't log in. If i try any keys, first nothing happens at all and then a random number of letters appear.

I only manage to use the keyboard again if I turn off either the trackpad or the mouse. But even then, turning both of them on again after login won't help, because then the keyboard freezes again and the cursor gets all jumpy. The problem can only be solved once I disconnect all three devices and reconnect them. But only until the mac goes to sleep the next time. Not happening when I turn the Mac off for some reason. Getting quite

Things I have tried so far:

- Reconnect and uninstall all three devices. - Only temporary fix.

- Debug and reset the bluetooth module and reset all three devices individually.

- Booted in save mode and did the same thing.

- Moved my wlan router and tried 5 Ghz instead of 2.4.

- Delected the preference files in the library.

- And everything apple suggests (which basically comes down to: is it turned on?).

None of these things have worked and I am getting increasingly frustrated, as this is not how expect a 90 Euro peace of equipment to work and I could find nothing on the internet on this. Everybody just goes on and on about how great the three devices work together.

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Question: Apple wireless keyboard lags when both Magic mouse 2 and trackpad are activated