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Question: iphone and ipad camera pixels?

I've spent hours now trying to clarify the still image (not video) camera resolutions of the back and front cameras in pixels (not megapixels overall), as part of trying to identify which camera some photos came from that don't have Exif metadata. I don't get why this info is so difficult to find. (I know that megapixels don't matter for overall quality, yada yada, not relevant for current question). My findings so far:

back / front:

3g 1.92mp 1600x1200 /

3gs 3.2mp 2048x1536 /

4 5mp 2592x1936 / 0.3mp 640x480

4s 8mp 3264x2448 / 0.3mp 640x480

5 family 8mp 3264x2448 / 1.2mp 1280x960

6 family 8mp 3264x2448 / 1.2mp 1280x960

se 12mp 4032x3024 / 1.2mp 1280x960

6s family 12mp 4032x3024 / 1.5mp

7 12mp 4032x3024 / 7mp

8 12mp 4032x3024 /

X 12mp 4032x3024 /

Can anyone help fill in the missing info? Can anyone get Apple to actually publish this instead of just megapixels?


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Question: iphone and ipad camera pixels?