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Question: ..browser update for PPC..

For those who still wish to use their older pre-Intel Mac online, there is

a more recent TenFourFox version browser (if you're not using it already)
that could allow most adequate online experience based on FPR Firefox.

Release information 'feature parity release' tenfourfox:

ZZFPRReleaseNotes04 · classilla/tenfourfox Wiki · GitHub

More information and version download (for G3/G4/G5 PPC-only Macs)


And then there's a site-specific browser tool for TenFourFox that may

help ration your system resources by limiting one window one site in

your old vintage Mac. I've used a "FoxBox" for gmail and other sites

where the desired focus is for one topic or one site. And less controls.


Given I've several pre-intel Apple Macintosh whose hardware has limits

online, the TenFourFox browser has provided fairly good experience;

most sites load and work properly, this supports HTML5 but not Flash.

{Also for those who wish to migrate bookmarks from older pre-intel

Mac firefox browser; once you've moved them into TenFourFox the

tool provided by Mozilla allows Firefox Sync of bookmarks. It works.}

Just thought to add something current to these old hardware threads

that can be useful across most build models of pre-Intel Mac computer.

In any event...

Good luck & happy computing! 🙂

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Nov 17, 2017 10:21 AM in response to K Shaffer In response to K Shaffer

Thanks, K. The only PPC Mac getting much use here is a 2005 eMac 1.42ghz G4; 2GB RAM; ATI9600 chipset. I use it as a "look-up" machine in a spare room to save trips back to the computer desk. Even with TenFourFox and a hard-wired connection to our 100MBps cable internet, it is terribly slow at browsing in spite of being quite limber with any non-internet tasks. Have you tested the new version to see if things improve?

Nov 17, 2017 10:21 AM

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Nov 17, 2017 1:38 PM in response to Allan Jones In response to Allan Jones

Given my Late 2005 Mac Mini (1.5GHz G4 PPC, 64MB VRAM, 667MHz bus, 1024MB RAM max)

has several things going against several kinds of intense use, especially online, this latest Ten4Fox

tends to work faster than previous FPR builds and a bit better than a few older ones. Part of this

configuration deficit due to a hardware lack of immediate resources, is the smaller 5400-RPM HDD

and that is running about 50% full. And Virtual Memory is read-writing rather too much to suit me.

Usually I run the older 'last model PPC G4 Mac mini' with Activity Monitor open on desktop so I can

see the lower part as its working; between CPU and System Memory, it shows me causes of lags,

hangs, and where the limited resources may be held up. And I can 'quit/force-quit' when need be.

This model due to limit in RAM memory upgrade, is prime candidate for 'mercury legacy ATA-IDE

version SSD' as that would move packets of Virtual Memory much quicker than slower hardware.

For a time, I owned up to three eMac models, two were 1.25GHz, one 1.0GHz(?) if I recall correctly.

And had issue with power to the CRT on one, the display wavered and sometimes rolled when new.

So back it went. Of the other two, one was supposed to dual boot MacOS 9 and OS X but didn't.

The other of three arrived by parcel delivery at -20°F in unheated truck at my semi-rural location and

wasn't handled much until the box and contents were warm enough to not condense. ...It was then

I found the bottom of the box damaged in such a clever way to break the computer inside, the eMac

had a broken shell and so I didn't take it out of the box. Back in those days, here in AK, the carrier

would not return to pickup goods and they were long gone by time came to inspect or open box.

While I didn't have or use eMacs all that long, they were excessively costly to get rid of; all required

me to drive them hundreds of miles. Not as bad as my iMac G4 from Apple, delivered by truck via

Canada; it has several sample defects that arose after attempted use. No authorized reseller would

touch these under AppleCare (I bought extended care plan too) because I'd not bought from them.

So I worked around their arrogance; direct with Apple support by phone & slow email, and got one

to repair/replace parts after I thoroughly tested and troubleshooted the unit. I could make the iMac

G4 crash repeatedly at specific intervals, that anyone could replicate. And these were elaborate.

Apple told the final singular authorized repair/reseller in Anchorage who'd even open it up under

AppleCare, to just repair it as I asked. Two logic boards, replacement/upgrade RAM, and a new

chrome arm (bent prior to being shipped) were finally adequate. The third logic board (just under

three years in) wasn't replaced because I could not trust the 'authorized' shop; 200 miles distant.

Performance from FPR_1 through current FPR_4 TenFourFox shows improvements; the issue where

several Apple fonts were oddly presented as iconic A letter boxes instead of readable text, is mostly

a thing of the past. Due to clever configuration changes in about:config and other white/blacklisting

in the browser. ~ I still see icon errors in ASC where a disclosure triangle or other arrow is a block of

tiny numbers; these still work OK when clicked on. But you take a chance the first time, not knowing.

And the TenFourFox/Box has proven helpful to launch from Dock, several items such as gmail or a

specific regional weather pages from NWS that have custom feature forecasts, etc.

{So I'd say it's a good thing; unlike some aspects of the most recent firefox Quantum (v 57) that was

automatically upgraded over better GUI (and now unsupported extensions/add-ons) of firefox v 56.}

Anyway, presently I'm testing the unwanted upgrade to Quantum in Late 2012 Mac Mini i7 quad server.

This one dual boots, so I was sure to deny it internet access prior to restart in older Mavericks so the

Firefox would not be auto-upgraded before other consideration. I wanted to turn off that feature. It had

already seen Quantum in later OS X without my knowing until it started up, in El Capitan. Also recent.

Thanks for your input...! 🙂

Nov 17, 2017 1:38 PM

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Question: ..browser update for PPC..