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Question: Contacts photos keep messing up

asigning photos to contacts should not be a hair pulling experience. often when I take a picture of someone, and assign it to a contact, zoom and center it the way I want it, then after a bit it’s wrong. It might show just a corner of the photo or something. I can go back and zoom it in again, and again it goes back to whatever it thinks it should be. This is SO frustrating. I’ve rid of others having this problem, one person said to turn off iCloud and then it’ll fix that problem but if you use iCloud – you really want to use iCloud. Does anyone know of a way to keep it from doing this? I tried having my phone turned on flight mode when I change some of the contacts and they have stayed but now that I’ve turn my flight mode off and connected to the Internet and started and restarted the Contacts app the photos haven’t synced properly over to my other devices. It’s just totally disappointing

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Question: Contacts photos keep messing up