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Question: Problem with Migration assistant


I want to use migration assistant to move my data and application fromy my MB pro late 2013 10.13.1 to my new retina MB pro 2017 10.13.1

I tried more than 10 times without success. I am sure the connection is not the problem. I tried both using wifi or ethernet cable. The new MBP with both solution find the old one. Then I can select the data I want to transfer. Then both computer start to find the files which needs to be copy. After few minutes, the new MBP stops with the error :

The migration stop unexpectedly

On the old one, I can see that the computer is still searching for files to transfer (around 500 000 at that time)

On the console log, I found those errors for each failed migration

00:28:45.487184 +0100 systemmigrationd Yes

SenderMachUUID: 525426D1-64DB-3626-8D5C-913D9DBF5791

00:28:46.182009 +0100 ReportCrash systemmigrationd UNBUNDLED ||| ??? (1146.3) UNKNOWN NO YES

SenderMachUUID: 006CA8DE-10FC-3769-B65C-DF88B5EA07AF

What is the problem ? The new MBP is completely new.

Thank you

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Nov 15, 2017 6:05 PM in response to Zarg404 In response to Zarg404

Hello Zarg404,

Thanks for asking the Apple Support Communities for help. I am happy to check this out with you.

First, since we don't know where in the process this stopped working, I recommend erasing the new Mac hard drive, and starting over. This article will help: macOS Sierra: Erase and reinstall macO S

Once macOS is reinstalled, you will be at the setup screen again. Before starting Migration assistant, I recommend trying to run it in safe mode next. Boot the older Mac to save mode using this article, then try Migration Assistant: Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac

If you still have issues, I recommend trying an ethernet connection, rather than a wireless connection, as there may be interference causing the issue. This help article talks about some of the sources: Potential sources of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interferenc e

Thanks and have a great day.

Nov 15, 2017 6:05 PM

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Question: Problem with Migration assistant