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Question: 42mm apple watch series 1 aluminum paint flaking off this is my 4th replacement any suggestions? It always starts in the exact same place.


Since I bought my watch I've taken extremely good care of it just like my iPhone. Screen protectors expensive protective cases Apple care plus and careful handling. I've went over this with apple they said that's it's very rare from what I've seen all over the web are photos of the exact same model with the same flaking starting in the exact same place as mine and there's a ton of people posting about this online. I guess it's just routine to say it's my fault rather than honor the warranty and apple care plus extended warranty and fix my watch. Like I'm just trying to get a new watch but I don't want a new one I just want mine fixed if they'd rather replace it than fix the manufacturing flaw that's fine but I'd call that a temporary solution. I don't use anything on my skin, I always remove my watch before washing my hands or taking a shower really even with the water resistance I remove it before going into the rain. I have a charging stand for my charger which I've wrapped with shrink wrap to keep the back of the watch from getting scratched or rubbing against the plastic. I sweat but if I sweat a lot I remove it. I'm not super hairy so it's not being damaged by thick arm hair either. I really think there's a flaw in the paint on the back of the casing. Any suggestions? The first watch was protected by a full screen protector that formed around to also protect the sides and it had a back screen protector and the casing was installed into a heavy duty protective case w/ band which fully covered the back casing. So I do not know what else I could possibly do rather than just leave it in the box. I don't mind paying the service fee to get another replacement but I really don't want to pay for something that will do the exact same thing in 2 months. The replacement that I have now paint started chipping/flaking off after 1 month so I called the claim center and explained that it was my 4th one and they continue to have the same issue starting at the apple logo on the back casing he argued that there's something that I'm doing but every one that I've had replaced under Apple care was inspected for physical damage and nothing was ever wrong and my watches were always shipped to them flawless except for the paint falling off. He suggested that I wait and see what happens solution was pretty much to hardly wear it. Even doing so every time I wore it it'd get worse now it just looks like crap and it's driving me crazy I treasure my apple devices and cosmetics drive me crazy especially when I care for my stuff extremely well. Attached are a few photos it all starts with the lettering like I said before the logo is the first to flake off and every time before it happens I notice the the tiny black apple logo on the back casing is raised kind of like a bubble like there is something under it air? Fluid? Anyway I'm finally finished typing I wanted to quit 15 minutes ago.

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Nov 15, 2017 1:27 AM in response to CGaultier81 In response to CGaultier81


To help prevent long-term damage to your Apple Watch, be sure to follow all of Apple's cleaning and care guidelines.

Instructions include, for example, keeping your Apple Watch and band clean and dry and cleaning them after workouts or heavy sweating:

Note also that, when charging your Apple Watch, nothing at all (not even a thin film) should be placed between the back of the watch and the head of the Magnetic Charging Cable or Magnetic Charging Dock.

Nov 15, 2017 1:27 AM

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Nov 15, 2017 1:13 PM in response to Jonathan UK In response to Jonathan UK

Thanks for the links but extensive care to the watch and all others has always been done. So as far as that goes I'm still trying to find out how to prevent the lettering in black paint on the back of the casing from flaking off. As far as the charger I wasn't very clear I guess, the stand that I purchased is hard plastic not as sensitive as the material on the charger itself. I wrapped the plastic holder/charging stand then I placed my charger in the stand to keep my watch from getting scratched by the plastic Stand there's nothing between the charger itself and the crystal. Thanks for trying much appreciated.

Nov 15, 2017 1:13 PM

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Question: 42mm apple watch series 1 aluminum paint flaking off this is my 4th replacement any suggestions? It always starts in the exact same place.