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Question: Is anyone having an issue with IOS 11 on landscape using mono audio?

I have a hearing deficiency such that I'd like to have audio come from only the right side of my ipad pro 12.9". Prior to ios 11, I would simply turn on Mono Audio under accessibility setting and slide the scrubber to "R". All my videos under Safari and Youtube would play audio only on the right two speakers, whether portrait mode or landscape mode. After updating to ios 11, the video players would play the audio with the TOP two speakers instead of the right two when placed in landscape with the home button to the right side of the ipad. To fix this such that the audio plays only on the right two speakers, I would have to physically rotate the ipad to portrait, then back to landscape. I'd have to do this seemingly once a day, the first time I use it. I feel like this is a bug that nobody has caught yet. Does anyone else have this issue? Is this an issue with apple, the video player, or something else? If it's an apple bug, how can I get this information over to them? I've tried "reporting a problem" about a month ago to Apple yielding no response from them. Other things I've tried that didn't work:

-Locking portrait mode

-Turning mono setting on/off

-Sliding channel from right to left (this seems to change the audio from top speakers to bottom speakers)

-Restarting ipad

-Updating to the latest version of ios 11

-A combination of the first three bullet points.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.1

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Question: Is anyone having an issue with IOS 11 on landscape using mono audio?