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Question: Camera Control via Bluetooth on 7 plus

I have read online that suggests that photos can be taken using a Bluetooth (Bt) device to control the shutter but I am unable to find instructions on how to do this. One of the articles stated that a Bt headphone controller will work if the volume control changes the iPhone (iP) volume control, but again, no instructions.

It must be possible because isn't that how some selfie sticks work (via Bt)?

I do have a tzumi Bt device that I use to connect music from the iP to a car receiver. It communicates with the iP to pause and control volume. I'd like to use this device if possible.

Then the question that comes into play is will this also start and stop video?

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.0.3, Red with 128 GB storage capicity

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Question: Camera Control via Bluetooth on 7 plus