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Question: iPhone 7 problems

My iPhone 7 (barely 6 months old) started losing all cell service today. I’m in college where up until today I have had amazing cell service, and where my friends who also have Verizon as a carrier like I do, also have great cell service even today. When my phone loses signal, it doesn’t always say “no service” in the top left corner. Half the time it doesn’t say anything. No “Verizon”, no “no service”, just blank. Sometimes restarting my phone helps but not Always. After this started happening, I decided to update my phone to IOS 11.1.1, in hopes that would help. It didn’t change anything. Now my phone still does the same thing, but now it randomly turns off and restarts itself. Sometimes repeatedly for long periods of time. I keep it in a case with a screen protector, and keep very good care of it. What can I do to fix this

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Question: iPhone 7 problems