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Question: Why is Apple forcing us to pay twice?

Why am I forced to pay another $200 for new software with the latest Sierra? Totally abusive!!! Apple please respond. There is no reason we can't use software we already paid $200 for. Is this an emerging pattern to force people to pay twice.

For those who don't understand. I purchase Apple Logic Pro Software a few years ago at $200. When I updated to the latest version of Sierra the system does not allow me to use the software I purchase. I directs me to purchase a new copy at the Apple Store. This is going too far!!!

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Nov 15, 2017 12:01 PM in response to js161 In response to js161

You need to address this complaint to Apple. This forum is for help with application issues, functionality and bugs.

I am interested in your comment, 'For those who don't understand'. Understand what?

There have been plenty of warnings about updating OS's and the implications of using older applications. There is no conclusive evidence that updating OS makes an application work better, in fact on the contrary.

I get so sick of people complaining about issues after updating their OS. Do your homework and check if a particular app, will work with a certain OS. You don't say how long ago you purchased Logic Pro at $200. Man that is cheap and the cost could be recovered in the charge for one small Logic Project, assuming that you make a living out of Recording like I do.

I run Logic 7 & 9 with OS 10.8.5, can't update because of interface driver issues. Anyway, LP 9 will let me do all I need without upgrading to LP X and still make a living out of it.

I have the ability to run apps, twenty or so years old, up to current versions. Some older versions of apps, work better than updates. Apple seems to dumb down updated apps, like iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Logic, my bread and butter.


Hard Drive storage is dirt cheap. Get yourself a large HD or maybe two or three and partition them with OS 7 to 12 and be able to select the OS to suit the application required, old or new.

If you are a serious Mac user and progressed through the OS upgrades, then you will have the original discs, right?

No! Then buy them and stop complaining about the cost of Apple software and Hardware.

Nov 15, 2017 12:01 PM

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Nov 15, 2017 1:16 PM in response to logic79 In response to logic79

What Logic79 said!

Before Apple purchased Logic it was around $999, right after Apple purchased Logic they reduced the price to $499, and when it became download only is was sold for $200.

Like L79, I use Logic 9 on Snow Leopard, it runs everything I need, having set up a few machines with the latest software and OS... Logic is far less efficient and trouble free on new machines. Recent MacOS versions make MS Windows look like the model of efficiency.

Nov 15, 2017 1:16 PM

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Nov 15, 2017 2:52 PM in response to js161 In response to js161

What version of Logic did you buy a few years ago?

If it's any version of X then you don't have to pay again.

If it's Logic 9, the last possible moment you could have bought it was July 2013 as when Logic X appeared you could no longer buy v9. That's 4 years and 4 months ago as of November, 2017. That's $3.85 per MONTH. Of course, you may have had it longer.

Also, no one made you update your OS. My main rig is Logic 9.1.8 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.8. It's lightning fast, stopped counting at 120 tracks and is rock solid. Apple hasn't supported v9 for as many years as X has been out.

Apple posted what would and would not work, Pro App-wise, right before High Sierra came out.

$200 is less than what used to be the upgrade price.

Apple don't come here.

I really don't see your point.

Most of us are audio engineers on here, that high pitched whine really grates on us.

Nov 15, 2017 2:52 PM

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Question: Why is Apple forcing us to pay twice?