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Question: iPhone X being on backorder is insane

I’m sorry but this item being on backorder till almost the start of the first quarter is ridiculous. I preordered the first night and I did get my phone on 11-3-2017 but it was the wrong size. I ordered through at&t and I thought it was the 255G. Insteaded got the 64G so I had to exchange it so I did as soon as possible but it says 12-4-17 to 12-11-17 expected delivery. Now this is upsetting. I’m normally patient but it’s a week or two that I have to wait that’s fine. But almost a month or more is just ridiculous. Now they say they’re making them as fast as they can but I’m sorry Apple should have been ready for this sale. They knew this was gonna be the big seller and yet they didn’t have enough to meet demand. I’m sorry but that’s common sense 101. This they should have anticipated. I mean it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone smartphone. I’m mad that I have to wait. I’m frustrated with Apple for not being prepared for this. Makes me wonder if the CEO knows wha he’s doing. I’m sorry to say that but it’s just common sense. I’m also frustrated with AT&T’s app site which I ordered mine through. It looked like I had the 256G one, but this is more Apple’s fault at not being prepared and ready for the sale and distribution of this much sought after big selling item. I mean how come we never hear major backorder sales like this with Samsung or others, just Apple? I mean come on Apple if you sell more smartphones then any other company as you claim this is a no brainer.

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Question: iPhone X being on backorder is insane