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Question: iPhone X completely bricked and unresponsive.


I'd like to ask if anyone else is experiencing the same, and offer up some possible fixes?

So after unboxing my X, while setting it up, the screen turned off, however I was still able to triple click the side button and hear voice over, so I can conform the phone was on. (sometimes it's hard to tell due to the olead display.)

Anyway, I was able to get it working after about 5 good minutes of force restarting it. I was then able to set it up fine, and use it for about 10 minutes. The issue happened again.

This was on monday night.

Last night, on tuesday night at around 7, after placing it on charge and walking away for about two minutes, upon coming back the phone had quite literally died. It is completely and utterly bricked and won't respond to DFU mode, force resets/ restarts/ charging for hours, iTunes, third party applications on my mac to detect iDevices, as well as the 'system information' panel, which displays nothing as being plugged into the USB port, however when I try my older 7 plus, everything just works fine.

(Tried on 3 macs, and 2 windows PCs, so I have isolated it to the phone itself.)

Just about every online help article and apple phone support say to power it down, open sittings and erase, use itunes and DFU mode to restore, however as stated the phone is completely bricked, quite literally as if it is a dummy model. (I know it isn't because for the one day that it did work, which was yesterday during the day it was fantastic!)

Please help me!!


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Question: iPhone X completely bricked and unresponsive.