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Question: Extract data from MacBook Pro 2016 with defective logic board

I have a MacBook Pro Late 2016 with Touch Bar. The Battery has died and no longer charges, so essentially the computer is dead. I have Apple Care Extended Warranty on this computer. It seems that solution to this problem is to swap the logic board that contains the battery and the charging circuitry. The problem is that the logic board also contains the 1TB SSD. There is no way to remove the SSD since it is soldered in. It seems that the SSD is fine and all of the data is intact, but it’s inaccessible, since I can’t turn on the computer. Last November there was some news about a “Data Migration Tool” that could be attached to a connector on the logic board, and allowed another MacBook to access the data on the SSD of the defective logic board.

I have been trying to find out if this really exists and where I can bring my computer to extract my data from the SSD before the logic board is replaced, and my data is gone forever.

Unfortunately, I was lax about doing backups, thinking that this is an SSD, and it’s not likely that it will malfunction. I was right about that. The SSD is fine, but it’s in accessible since it is soldered onto the logic board that is not working, and therefore preventing me from turning the computer on.

Has anyone had experience with such a failure, where the battery doesn’t charge? Did this require the logic board to be replaced? Was there any way to extract the data from the SSD before the logic board was replaced?

I have many hours of work that I will lose if I’m not able to extract my data. Any help, ideas, suggestions would be really appreciated.


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Question: Extract data from MacBook Pro 2016 with defective logic board