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Question: Intermittent delay in screen response iPhone SE

My iPhone has experienced intermittent delays in screen response over the past few months. (Not specific to iOS 11)
The symptoms include 5 second delays in typing or any touch-related activity involving the screen. Hard resets cure the problem for a while but it always returns. Sometimes after a hard reset the phone has spontaneously restarted again and during this time the battery strength will vary wildly!

After a DFU reset it still displays this behaviour but today after many hours of trial and error I wonder if it may be related to the hard, leather Apple case. In particular the proximity of the case to the Wake/Sleep button. Out of the case the phone seems ok but I haven't tried it that way for long enough to be sure.

My question is whether other users have found these cases to have such an effect on the screen.

MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1), Windows 10, iPad 2

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Question: Intermittent delay in screen response iPhone SE