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Question: can't enable htaccess

I'm trying to get htaccess working on my Mac OS Server (10.12.6) I have enabled "allowed overrides using .htaccess…" in the advanced pane under web server. I have manually edited the http.conf (and kind of every .conf file in /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2). What I'm adding is kind of

AllowOverrides All

Order Allow, Deny

under my server directory. But as soon as I add anything to my .htaccess-file I get an error in the error_log telling:

"…<IfModule not allowed here…"

If I remove the <IfModule line it will complain about the next line instead like

RewriteCondition not allowed etc.

So it is reading my htaccess-file but I can't put anything in it!

Any suggestions?

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Question: can't enable htaccess