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Question: alchemy lfo phase bug?

I want to create an Alchemy setting where all four oscillators are on, and I morph the sound between all four. Specifically, I want the morphing to happen in the "XFade XY" morph-mode via the faded blue dot moving in a circle in the morph pad. I make this happen by modulating "X" and "Y" knobs with two Sin LFOs that are 25% out of phase with one another (or one Sin and on Cosin) .

I hold down a note on the keyboard and the blue dot moves in a circle on the morph pad, and it sounds like it should.

I want the circular motion to continue as I play a melody, so I set Trigger to Off on both LFOs.

I play a melody on my keyboard, and everything works like it should.

Then I press record and play the melody, but the circular motion is gone, replaced by diagonal linear motion, and it sounds like it. The phase difference between the LFOs is gone even though the knob of one of them is still set to 25% more than the other one.

I play the melody again, without recording, and the phase difference is still gone (motion of blue dot is still linear and diagonal, and sounds like it).

After some experimenting, I've found that I can get it working again by turning the Trigger setting to "On" on both LFOs, playing some notes, and then turning it to "Off" again. After this, it is apparently reset, and when I play on my keyboard, the morphing happens via circular motion of the blue dot again. But If I play a midi region on this track, the morphing goes back to linear (not circular motion), without the phase difference of the LFOs. The phase difference doesn't come back again until I turn the LFO trigger settings to On, play some notes, and then turn them to Off again.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mac Pro, macOS High Sierra (10.13.1)

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Question: alchemy lfo phase bug?