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Question: ios 11 destroyed my phone

I have a an iphone 7 (less than a year old) and when I updated the ios to version 11 it basically destroyed my phone. Apps are not working correctly and I sometime can't even call or receive calls from persons.

I have spoken to my local retailer and done all the things they asked me to, including a hard reset though iTunes. Nothing works!!, it's still the same broken phone.

It there anything that I can do ? other than throwing this phone in the bin and never buy an iPhone again ?

The shop that sold me the phone is not interested in helping me nor is the authorized reseller in my country.

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Nov 15, 2017 8:45 AM in response to Steinar Þór Oddsson In response to Steinar Þór Oddsson

You need to try restoring iOS using iTunes from your computer with the device in recovery or DFU mode. If you can't, or that doesn't fix it, there may be a hardware problem. Note that the update did not "destroy" your phone. Either something became corrupted during the update process or there was a hardware fault that was pushed over the edge by the intense processing required during an OS update.

If it's less than a year old, it should be covered under warranty.

If you purchased it in a country other than the one where you're located, you will have to physically take it back to the country of original sale for service.

The warranty is not international.

Nov 15, 2017 8:45 AM

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Question: ios 11 destroyed my phone