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Question: using an iPhone 5S as an iPod (activate without SIM?)

My job requires that I "group message" with them. Everyone I work with has an iPhone except me(I just got a new android phone 2 months ago). For some reason, I don't get the group messages on my Android phone(spent several days troubleshooting, found it's an issue with iOS 11). Anyway, I found that a 3rd party app called "TextPlus" actually allows me to receive group messages from them. The only problem now is that I never get any alert(sound or vibrate) when they send a group message... it only does that when I receive individual messages.

My boss got annoyed and ended up giving me his old iPhone 5S to use while at work. It can connect to the company's wifi no problem. However, I have service with Verizon and this iPhone is an AT&T phone. I tried restoring it in iTunes, but just gives me the error msg that there's no SIM in the phone. Is there any way to bypass this? All I'm going to do with it is connect it to wifi and use the TextPlus app. Not going to make any calls with it.

Thank you

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Nov 15, 2017 9:18 AM in response to josephd77 In response to josephd77

A SIM is required to activate it. It does not have to be tied to an active line of service, but it must be physically present, and if the phone is locked to AT&T, it MUST be an AT&T SIM.

There is no way to bypass that requirement.

Nov 15, 2017 9:18 AM

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Question: using an iPhone 5S as an iPod (activate without SIM?)