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Question: restore deleted back up

Hello. Please Help Me.

I deleted all that I stored in icloud storage, 49 Gs in error,

Want To RESTORE (ALL PHOTOS in there)

I have an iPhone SE (like a 6) * ...I backed up AND Deleted ( by hand)"" all photos on my phone.

I used the automatic icloud Backup on a regular basis

So I need to RESTORE Deleted photos

that I am assuming since I deleted back up to bring down my phone memory it also deleted it in icloud storage.

But I clearly need the 200 G. **

*and was having a real resistance from paying for more storage in icloud. B After much research,

"" Is that the only way to Delete off phone once "copied" into storage

**( I spent time trying to get my older simple tech external memory to work and it couldn't be recognized, though I tried.)

Thank you so much. You are a Lifesaver!

iPhone SE, iOS 11.1

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Question: restore deleted back up