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Question: Photos on the iPhone not seen on the Mac

Hi to everyone,

I have noticed this problem. Last week I connected my iPhone 7 (IOS 11.0.3) to the Mac Book to import some of the more than 7,000 photos of my holiday in Sicily. The import process of the approximately 2100 photos ended with a couple of mistakes on some edited photos with some tools, nothing important I thought. When I was going to check the photos again, I notice that the last 100 photos (moreover Live Photos) were not imported. I reconnect the iPhone but with my surprise the photos are not detected. They are found on the iPhone (in the gallery) but none of the 2100 photos are visible through Photos for Mac. I can not see either the imported ones (about 2000) or the missing ones (about 100). Then I try to use the Image Acquisition application: here I see the 2000 imported, but still the last 100 (I repeat, are Live Photos) no tracks! Does anyone have any idea how to "see" on the Mac Book, and import, missing photos?

Thank you.

Paolo Gilioli

iPhone 7, iOS 11.0.3

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Question: Photos on the iPhone not seen on the Mac