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Question: iPhone 8 Plus Freezing on startup screen

For the third time, my brand new iPhone 8 Plus has hopelessly frozen on the startup (Apple) screen. A hard reset only yields the same result. A useless phone. The first time, I was traveling and had to drive an hour to the nearest city that had an Apple Store. They re-downloaded the software from iTunes and it was fine for about a week. Then the second time it froze (Last Friday), I was able to go to the Apple Store from which I purchased it (NYC). They gave me a new phone, but took the SIM card from the frozen phone and put it in the "new" new phone. Today, it did it again. Frozen. Useless (And if anyone asks me again if I have tried a hard reset, I'll scream). I will have to go to the Apple Store again tomorrow morning. So far, I have spent 9 hours of my time traveling to and sitting in an Apple Store to get this thing to work. Not looking forward to adding to those hours. I cannot keep doing this for an $800 phone. So.... is it the SIM card?? Carrier??? (Verizon) Anybody.....?????

iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Nov 18, 2017 3:01 PM in response to NEhorselady In response to NEhorselady

Follow-up. I made my THIRD visit to the Apple Store regarding this problem and had a third "fix" performed. This time, the Genius said that it could be that the backup software downloaded from iCloud when I got my new phone(s) contained some corruption. So..... He wiped the phone clean and we set the phone up as if I was getting an iphone for the first time. I asked if he was sure that this was the cause. "Well, probably." "So it could happen again?" "It probably won't." "But what if it does?" "Then we'll give you a new phone." "But you already GAVE me a new phone." I then had to take a few hours (still working on it) downloading my apps again, reorganizing, re-entering passwords, customizing my settings, etc. to what they were before. I was upset that I had to lose my text messages in this process. Also, I lost all of my Notes.

Now, I love my Apple products. But I really don't feel that I got any sympathy or compensation for the now 11+ hours that I had to spend on this issue. It wasn't like I dropped it in the toilet. There was something very wrong with this that had nothing to do with me and everything to do with Apple. It would have been nice to get a "We're sorry that you have had so many problems and have had to spend so much time in order for us to get your $899 iPhone to work properly..... To make up for this, we would like to offer you a $150 Apple Gift Card....." But, I didn't even get a "We're sorry."

I am very disappointed.

Nov 18, 2017 3:01 PM

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Question: iPhone 8 Plus Freezing on startup screen