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Question: Listen and charge at the same time :(

I have a 32Gb iPhone 7 plus which I am mostly very happy with. However my problem is that I like to watch youtube/listen to music in bed at night with headphones on as to not disturb my partner. This wasn't an issue until iOS 11 was released. Before this my battery would last all day and I would go to bed with around 40%; I could watch/listen to whatever I wanted before plugging it in to charge and go to sleep. Now my battery is dead by the evening I am forced to use the ONE port for charging and not for my headphones.

Before you say, just get AirPods, they don't fit and I am not interested in spending the money to confirm it. I have never been able to wear Apple's headphones, they literally fall out of my ears within 15 seconds. Plus, I am happy with the headphones I have, I just want to be able to use them.

I understand there are splitters available online but they are not from Apple and reviews are mixed on whether they actually work. As far as the battery life I have gone through numerous youtube videos and websites and have turned off or disabled everything that they suggest to improve battery life. I also do the iOS updates as soon as they are released.

One lightning port was a mistake. I shouldn't have to charge my phone twice a day. At least release a splitter that works and isn't dollar store quality.

iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.1

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Question: Listen and charge at the same time :(