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Question: Pandora Install Error

I installed Pandora on my iPhone 6. No icon on any screen nor any folder. I search for Pandora and it takes me to the App Store and has an open icon. When I click on open the app works correctly. This is where it gets weird. While listening to Pandora I hit the home button and the app continues to run in the background. When I try to go back to the app, no icon to get back. Double click the home button, Pandora isn’t listed as an open app. I close all open apps and Pandora continues to play. The only way to stop the app is going back to the App Store, searching for Pandora, clicking open (which does open the app), and the pausing. I would like to uninstall and re-install Pandora but have no icon to “X” out/uninstall the app. Help !

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Question: Pandora Install Error